What are the key differentiators for Patrice & Associates (PA)?
We have a strong brand name in restaurant recruiting. We are also the largest franchise hospitality recruiting company in North America. By far our biggest “franchise” differentiator is that we provide leads i.e., built in clients to franchisees from Day One.
How does your territory work?
With Patrice & Associates you get the best of both worlds. You have a territory which is assigned to you for marketing and business development purposes, however, like most “recruiting” or headhunting franchise companies, you can place people all over the world. You are also able to develop clients in any market, as long as it comes as a result of your circle of influence, referral or the normal course of doing business. All warm leads can be converted to clients, opening up the entire US for potential client development. As a franchisee you are prohibited, however, from “targeting” another franchisees market.
What is a day in the life of a successful recruiter?
Recruiters are working with potential candidates helping to make a difference in their lives every day. A successful recruiter spends 4-4.5 hours of connected phone time per day in a variety of activities from: phone prospecting (recruiting calls) interviewing candidates for our positions, developing world class resumes, and interacting with key clients in our data base.
Where do successful recruiters come from?
Mostly a sales background. We look for people that have 2 years sales experience. Although making recruiting calls is not “selling” a product to the candidate, successful recruiters must be “relationship builders” and good communicators. We also have people from recruiting backgrounds, and hospitality experience, providing they also have sales and marketing abilities.
How are recruiters compensated?
Most recruiters are paid a small training wage during their ramp up, and then are compensated on a 100% commission basis. Patrice & Associates has several examples of suggested compensation plans as well as a Hiring Recruiter Toolkit made available exclusively to Patrice & Associates franchisees.
Is it difficult to find recruiters?
Difficult is a relative term. Although we are the largest hospitality staffing company, there are hundreds of recruiting companies all over the globe, who hire recruiters every day. Most of our pay plans for recruiters are commission based, and like any other commission based position, you have to interview a large sample to identify the best possible talent. However, with our telecommuting options in some offices, there is an ever growing pool of talented people with sales and marketing ability that are looking for “alternate” career options.
How many recruiters can each franchisee engage?
There is no limit to the number of recruiters per location. Each recruiter must live in the franchisees respective territory or within a commutable distance.
I understand you provide clients and orders to your franchisees, however, doesn’t everyone compete for the same jobs?
A common misconception is that everyone is working the same jobs (corporate accounts). Many of our clients have multiple positions available in any given market. The fact that one franchisee/recruiter is working a job order, does not mean the client is satisfied with the number of candidates they are seeing. Generally clients want to see “more” resumes” than less. We have more job orders than we can fill. In addition, as newer franchisees begin to develop their own accounts that are not open to the general franchise community, they tend to work less of the “corporate” jobs, thereby opening up more jobs for the newer franchisees and recruiters to work.
Do I have to hire recruiters?
Each location must engage at least one recruiter or business development assistant. However, we are flexible as to when during ramp up franchisees need to hire a recruiter depending on their business plan.
Why should I buy a franchise vs doing this on my own.?
In franchising, you are provided a recognizable brand name, a proven operating system and on going training and support. A franchisor has made the mistakes and figured out We have made the mistakes and figured out what works. By starting your own business, you don’t have the benefit of our rich history of success nor can you take advantage of our economies of scale. Patrice & Associates is the “gold standard” in hospitality recruiting. As an unknown entity it would be difficult for you to establish the reputation with both prospective clients and candidates. In addition. You would have to do everything yourself, from finding and selecting the right partners, CRM system.
I’m not sure if I should pursue a job or invest in a franchise. Isn’t franchising risky?
We once thought going to work for a company and staying until you get your retirement pension was a great way to plan for the future. In today’s world, employers are less loyal to especially in volatile industries and economies. There is no guarantee, if you get a job you’ll keep it for more than a few years. While there is risk in any franchise investment, there is also risk in staying in the job market as well. And where there is risk, such as investing in franchising, there is also reward. The best way to build your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity is by taking control of your own destiny. And one of the better ways to do that is through franchising, where you have a recognizable brand name, a proven operating system and the great training and support of a franchise. And with Patrice & Associates you also have mitigated that risk but the clients we provide our new franchisees.
Why do you say that Patrice & Associates is recession resistant?
The hospitality industry had grown exponentially over the last decade and is predicted to be one of the top 5 service sectors industries through 2020 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact the restaurant industry employs 14 million people daily, and still can’t keep up with the pace at which new establishments are opening. Hospitality is 2nd to the US government in terms of employment. Recruiting in the Hospitality Industry is unlike staffing in any other industry sector. Hospitality isn’t as affected by the cyclical nature of the US economy as other industries. In the words of our recent franchise candidates. “During the most recent economic downturn, the waiting lines at the restaurants didn’t go away!” While no one claim that any industry is truly “recession proof” this industry is projected to grown long into the future. And there is also a “tighter” labor market in hospitality meaning that restaurateurs and proprietors depend on us to help them find the best possible talent.

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